About Us

Underground Music started as a conversation between band-mates after a particularly high-energy gig. We were breaking down our kit and someone made the comment that we should definitely spend more time doing this.

Well, that got me thinking...

There are real benefits to playing music. In my previous role within education, I have seen people's experience enriched immeasurably through playing an instrument.

  • It is a social activity - music opens doors and creates opportunities to meet people. Some of the most enduring friendships are forged through learning and playing music together.

  • It is an expressive activity - musicians of all abilities can express themselves in a completely different way. You don't even need to speak the same language!

  • Music enhances your experience - it can be something that adds a new dimension to life.

Underground Music started as a way for us to provide the instruments, equipment and, eventually, context for musicians of any age or ability to flourish.

Music changes lives. Underground Music supports Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy.