Battery Powered Acoustic Amps

One of the great things about acoustic instruments is the ability to simply pick it up and play it without needing any other kit. However, when you are looking to perform, especially outdoors, having an acoustic amplifier that can be just as easy to use is a real bonus! Here are just a selection of the amplifiers we recommend for acoustic guitar, ukulele, violin and more.

Kinsman KA45a.jpg

Kinsman KA45

A 45W acoustic amp with the ability to run for four hours on 8 x AA batteries. Instrument and mic channels with a line out for DI and AUX input for backing, plus Chorus and Reverb

Kinsman KA70a.jpg

Kinsman KA70

A 70W acoustic amp that you can pole mount if needed, running for 4 hours on its embedded rechargeable Lithium battery. Balanced DI, twin channels and Bluetooth.


Laney A-FRESCO-2

The twin channel, 60W amp has balanced DI, anti-feedback .and a embedded rechargeable Li-Io battery which can provide up to 24hrs of power. Full EQ and chorus on each channel.