Laney AH115 15” 400W Powered Cab 

Laney AH115 15” 400W Powered Speaker
£195.00 (available to backorder. Stock expected March 2019)

Laney speakers are one of the music industry’s best kept secrets! They offer huge value for money, really important for musicians trying to get a foot on the ladder.

The AH115 is a powerful and flexible 2-way active speaker system with an integrated mixer and Digital Media Player, capable of taking an SD card or a USB memory stick and is fitted with Bluetooth to allow audio streaming from any Bluetooth equipped audio device: Stream your music straight from your phone!

The high-impact resistant polymer construction and logical control layout means that it is easy to use and portable. The AH115 combines flexibility with performance making it ideal for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications such as conferences, classrooms, parties, musical performance, worship, presentations, seminars, sports, aerobics, DJ's, bars and more. Whatever you need the AH115 has got it covered.

Laney recommends for crowds of up to 200 - so excellent for pub gigs or smaller venues.

If you would like to know more about the AH115 or see how it might suit your needs, get in touch.