Laney AH80 Audiohub 80W Amplifier

Laney Audiohub AH80 - 80W Multi-Instrument Amplifier
£219.00 (available to order)

The AH80 multi-input combo features 3 channels, 5-band graphic master EQ and Digital Delay and is designed to cater for a wide number of different instruments. Ideal for duo's and medium sized gigs, or for bigger gigs it can be used as a personal monitor on stage! Its compact design is great for small stages and makes it easy to transport around.

The onboard digital effects have been custom designed by Laney. You have a choice of Reverb, Chorus, and Multi FX. Reverb positions have a variety of decay times from Plate through Rooms to Hall. Chorus positions have a various of Lengths/Delays & Multi FX have a different blend of Reverb/Chorus/Delay on each effects option.

It has a Line Out so that you can DI through the desk and use the AH80 as your stage monitor, which is helped in no small part by the kick-back design.

The AH80 delivers optimum performance, flexibility and sound quality for a wide array of audio inputs:

  • Keyboards

  • E-drums

  • Vocal Mics

  • Acoustic/electric instruments - Guitar, Bass, Harmonicas etc

  • Audio Playback

The principle behind the AH80 is simple: ALL INSTRUMENTS WELCOME! This is one of the best amps out there for sheer flexibility. Use as a amp, stage monitor or as a simple PA.

If you would like to find out more about the AH80, talk to the team on: